Welcome to the Florida
4-H Bug Club!

PruningHave you ever chased butterflies, collected fireflies or stared at ladybugs? Insects are the largest group of animals on earth with nearly one million different kinds. The 4-H Bug Club will help you investigate these creepy crawlies and discover a new world all around you. You can then use your newfound knowledge to compete in 4-H Record Book and Collection Competitions. Download the Florida 4-H Bug Club Guide here.

2018 Insectathon


Entomology Field Camp -

The 2018 Entomology Field Camps will be held at the UF Entomology and Nematology Department in Gainesville on June 25-29, 2018.

Please check back early next year for information on our next camp. We will host a middle school camp and a high school camp.

2017 Bug Collection Contest!

Catching a butterfly

Get a head start on your collection for the 2017 Collection Contest. Registrations are due by July 1.

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