ENSO Merchandise

ENSO always has some great merchandise to buy! We are known for our witty t-shirts, which we also use as our main ENSO fundraiser. All merchandise is available for purchase from the front office. Cash or check only, please.

T-shirts - $12
- Dung Beetle, "This is how I roll" - Black or Brown
- "I Love Bugs" - Olive Green or White
- Nematology Tank Tops - White

Cornell Drawers - $45

Insect Storage Box - $10

Snack Room

ENSO provides a snack room where anyone can purchase snacks and beverages at an amazingly low prices between $0.50 and $1 each. We usually stock various sodas, assorted chips, candy bars, popcorn and more! This is an honor system, so PLEASE be respectful and pay for your items! The snack room is located in the copy room in the department administration wing.

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