Dr. Daniel A. Hahn

Selected Publications

Seasonal Adaptation:

Gerken, A.R., Eller, O.C., Hahn, D.A., and Morgan T.J. 2015. Constraints, independence, and evolution of thermal plasticity; probing the genetic architecture of long and short-term thermal acclimation. PNAS. 112: 4399-4404.

Williams, C.M., M. Watanabe, M. Guarracino, M.B. Ferraro, A.S. Edison, T.J. Morgan, A. Boroujerdi, and D.A. Hahn. 2014. Cold adaptation shapes the robustness of metabolic networks in Drosophila melanogaster. Evolution. 68:3505-3523.

Clemmensen, S.F., and D.A. Hahn. 2015. Dormancy cues alter insect temperature-size relationships. Oecologia. 177: 113-121.

Hahn, D.A., and D.L. Denlinger. 2011. Energetics of Diapause. Annual Review of Entomology. 56:103-121.

Adaptive Radiation in Insect-Host Relationships:

Ragland, G.J. Almaskaar, K., Vertacnick, K.L. Gough, H.M., Feder, J.L., Hahn, D.A., and Schwarz D. 2015. Differences in performance and transcriptome-wide gene expression associated with Rhagoletis (Diptera: Tephritidae) larvae feeding in alternative host fruit environments. Molecular Ecology. 24: 2759-2776.

Wadsworth, C. B., W. A. Woods, D. A. Hahn, and E. B. Dopman. 2013. One phase of the dormancy developmental pathway is critical for the evolution of insect seasonality. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26:2359-2368.

Ragland, G.J., S.B. Sim, S. Goudarzi, J.L. Feder, and D.A. Hahn. 2012. Environmental interactions during host race formation: host fruit environment moderates a seasonal shift in phenology in host races of Rhagoletis pomonella. Functional Ecology, 26:921-931.

Applications to Pest Management:

Lopez-Martinez, G., J.E. Carpenter, S.D. Hight, and D.A. Hahn. 2014. Low-oxygen atmospheric treatment improves the performance of irradiation-sterilized male cactus moths used in SIT. Journal of Economic Entomology. 107:185-197.

Knutson, A., A. Mukherjee, D.A. Hahn, and K.M. Heinz. 2014. Biological control of giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta) in a temperate region: cold tolerance and low temperature oviposition of Cyrtobagous salviniae. BioControl. 59:781-790.

Lopez-Martinez, G., and D.A. Hahn. 2012 Short-term anoxic conditioning hormesis boosts antioxidant defenses, lowers oxidative damage following irradiation, and enhances male sexual performance in the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa. Journal of Experimental Biology, 215:2150-2161.

Other Projects in Life-History Physiology: Folks in our lab have broad interests and most of our work is collaborative in nature, so we love to bring our expertise to bear in helping other answer important questions in their research programs.

Hatle, J. D., J. W. Kellenberger, E. Viray, A. M. Smith, and D. A. Hahn. 2013. Life-extending ovariectomy in grasshoppers increases somatic storage, but dietary restriction with an equivalent feeding rate does not. Experimental Gerontology 48:966-972.

Visser, B., D. Roelofs, D.A. Hahn, P.E.A. Teal, M. Janine and J. Ellers. 2012. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of evolutionary trait loss: Lacking lipid synthesis in parasitoids. Genome Biology and Evolution, 4:752-762.

Judd, E.B., M. Drewery, F.J. Wessels, D.A. Hahn, and J.D. Hatle. 2011. Ovariectomy in grasshoppers increases somatic storage, but proportional allocation of ingested nutrients to somatic tissues is unchanged. Aging Cell. 10:972-979.



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