Dr. Rebecca Baldwin

Publications: Books and Chapters

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  • Baldwin, R.W. 2008 Soaps as Insecticides. p210-216.  In J.L. Capinera (ed.)Encyclopedia of Entomology.Springer, NY

Refereed Publications

  1. C.A. McNeill, R.W. Baldwin, R M. Pereira, E. Harlow, T. G. Roberts,and P. G. Koehler. 2016.  Development and Implementation of a Bed Bug IPM Enrichment Curriculum.  American Entomologist (accepted).
  2. C.A. McNeill, R.W. Baldwin, R M. Pereira, and P. G. Koehler. 2016. Behavioral Responses of Nymph and Adult Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) to Colored Harborages. Journal of Medical Entomology. (accepted)
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Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator